5 Fabulous Bathroom Remodel Add-ons

From on October 05, 2010 in Bathroom Remodel

While the bathroom is the most utilitarian space, it doesn’t have to lack unbelievable amenities and fun factors. Licensed contractor Matt Muenster suggests 12 splurges for a bathroom. Consider our five favorite add-ons, and create a spa-like bathroom that will make you never want to leave it.

1. Simple Defogging Mirror

bathroom defogging mirror

Fog in a bathroom can slow down a post-shower routine. Go with a simple defogging mirror to see with perfect clarity after that steamy shower. If only the mirror would also address frizzy fog-induced hair.

2. Toasty Toilet Seat Warmers

bathroom toilet warmer

This beautiful bathroom isn’t just a pretty face. Add-ons such as the toilet seat warmer are working behind the scenes to create a Zen-like experience—one that goes even beyond its aesthetic calm and beauty.

3. In-Floor Radiant Heat

bathroom radiant heat

In-floor radiant heat keeps feet warm and soothed. No more getting out of a luxurious shower onto a shockingly cold floor. In terms of aesthetics, don’t disregard the floor as a place to create beauty without taking up any extra space.

4. Argon-Charged Privacy Windows

bathroom privacy windows

Possibly our favorite feature is the argon-charged windows to let in light while affording perfect privacy from the outside world. In an urban setting where getting natural light can mean exposing oneself, this feature gets the best of both worlds—a great view and privacy.

5. Recessed Storage Shelves

bathroom recessed shelves

Say goodbye to those suctioned shelving units (which inevitably fall off!) by saying hello to a recessed storage system. Go a step further and add lighting so you can see while you shower without having to squint in the overhead lighting.