3 Easy Ways to Cut Bathroom Remodeling Costs

From on November 07, 2011 in Bathroom Remodel


A new bathroom will instantly make life at home more comfortable and convenient. Over the long term, bathroom remodeling is well worth the investment, returning upwards of 70 percent of the cost of the renovation when a home is sold. Modern bathrooms are a strong selling point for homebuyers.

Yet the costs for a bathroom remodel can add up quickly if homeowners aren’t cautious. Here are three easy ways to ensure that your new bathroom enhances the value of your home, both now and later.

1. Use CalFinder to Find the Best Contractor

Here at CalFinder, we offer homeowners access to professional, experienced contractors who are happy to estimate the cost of your bathroom remodeling project at no charge. Comparing estimates is the first step in ensuring that your investment is protected, and you’ll have the added assurance that your contractor is a qualified professional.

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Note: we recommend getting at least three estimates for the best results.


2. Take Advantage of the Off-Peak Season

The best contractors are in high demand, with busy schedules that can sometimes make it difficult to engage their services during their peak season. Take advantage of the winter off-season to find exceptional contractors at affordable prices. Fees are typically lowest during the off-peak season.

Keep in mind that any home remodeling project takes some time to organize. Schedules have to be coordinated, supplies ordered and building permits obtained. By entering into an agreement with a professional contractor now, when fees at their lowest point of the year, you can lock in savings.

3. Choose Energy-Saving Appliances and Fixtures

The Environmental Protection Agency allows manufacturers to place the Energy Star label on products that have been proven to save consumers money through savings on energy costs. When remodeling a bathroom, look for the Energy Star label on ventilation systems and hot water systems.

Modern hot water systems are far more energy-efficient than their older counterparts. Adding a new hot water heater during a bathroom remodel is a sound investment. Energy-efficient rebates are sometimes available for upgrading to a new energy-saving system as well. In most states, low-flow toilets are mandatory. Some states mandate that homeowners use low-flow shower heads as well. Saving water saves precious resources, and saves homeowners money, too.

Work closely with your contractor to investigate further opportunities to cut bathroom remodeling costs. They can offer advice about saving money on flooring and fixtures, as well as help you gather ideas and pictures to inspire your new bathroom. We advise homeowners to interview at least three contractors before signing an agreement. CalFinder simplifies the process by connecting you with experienced, qualified and professional contractors.

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