10 Totally Tranquil Bathrooms

From on April 27, 2011 in Bathroom Remodel

Contemporary bathroom remodel

Our contractors never cease to amaze me. The diversity these pros bring to bathroom design is simply astonishing. From modern bathrooms to eclectic and transitional bathrooms as well, they’re keeping homeowners happy with quality remodeling.

Take a look at some of their recent bathroom remodels below. You can find more in our Ideas Gallery, or get in touch with CalFinder contractors directly to talk pricing and sketch out some ideas.

10 Totally Tranquil Bathrooms

Modern Bathroom Remodel

#1 - Contemporary yet transitional bathroom with modern cabinets and chrome-finish hardware

Minimalist Bathroom Remodel

#2 - Modern bathroom with shower tiled in soothing natural stone

Contemporary Bathroom Remodel

#3 - Uber-contemporary remodel with rich wood panel accents and glass shower wall

Eclectic Bathroom Remodel

#4 - Eclectic bathroom featuring elegant furniture rather than traditional elements

Zen Bathroom Remodel

#5 - Stylish bathroom with chic gold accents and Asian cultural influence

Transitional-Modern Bathroom Remodel

#6 - Excellent example of transitional bathroom

Tranquil Contemporary Bathroom Remodel

#7 - A Zen-minimalist and oh-so-tranquil haven

Transitional Bathroom Remodel

#8 - Lovely modern bathroom in white tile and stone

Modern Transitional Bathroom

#9 - Simple but powerful minimal bathroom

Zen Luxury Bathroom Remodel

#10 - Zen-luxury at its finest with a round soaking tub and ornate decor

What are your favorites from this collection? Which are you most likely to pick for your own home?

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