The Benefits of Central Air Conditioning

From on April 24, 2014 in Air Conditioning & Heating

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In the hot months of summer, there’s nothing quite like the gentle cool breeze from an air conditioner. However, regular air conditioners can be difficult to install, noisy or simply not very effective. There is another way to cool down your house in summer, and that is to use a central air conditioning system. Central air conditioning units can be a great alternative over conventional air conditioners for several reasons.

Cool the Whole House with One Unit

Central air conditioning units work through a ventilation system that has vents in every room of the home that needs to be cooled. This allows every room that has a vent to be cooled at the same time. Window air conditioners only cool one room. If you want to cool down the entire house, you’ll need to buy an air conditioner for every room. Depending on the size of the room, the air conditioner may also not be powerful enough to cool down the entire room.

Better Air Quality

Window air conditioners have filters for the intake and the blower, but they only catch large particles and bugs. Central air conditioning units actually work as an air filter for large airborne particles, dust, pollen, dander, pet hair and other allergens. The air is constantly circulated in your house through the ventilation system, making the air fresher, cleaner and better to breathe.

Less Noise

There’s no denying that a conventional air conditioner can get really noisy. This is made even worse when the unit is in need of maintenance or is particularly old and run down. Since the unit is kept in the room, this can make for an insufferable situation. With central air conditioning, the unit is kept outside and is noticeably less noisy than many window air conditioners. Any noise that can be heard inside of the home is kept to a minimum, and many people claim that they can just barely hear the air conditioner when it’s running.

More Visually Appealing

In order to keep your entire house cooled with window air conditioners, you’ll need to have a window air conditioner in at least one window in every room in the house. This can make a huge eyesore on the exterior of your house, especially if you have the units installed on the windows that face towards the road. With central air conditioning, all of the parts of the ventilation system are installed on the interior, and the external unit is usually well concealed on the outside of the home. It looks more natural than conventional air conditioners, and it doesn’t prevent you from opening various windows in your home.

Easy to Use

Central air conditioning units are easily controlled through remote control pads inside the home. Temperature control, timers and more can all be included in your central air conditioner. You can also control the temperature and activation times for individual rooms. This not only allows homeowners to keep every room at a comfortable temperature but it also prevents unnecessarily wasting energy and money.

The one aspect that tends to keep people away from central air conditioning is the price of the unit and installation, but it is worth the investment in every way. It’s a more efficient, easier and more effective method of cooling your home. It even adds a substantial amount of value to your home. If you want to reap the benefits of central air conditioners, consider getting one for your home before the heat of summer hits. Here is more information on central air prices.