Keep Warm with Rebates on Home Furnace Installations

From on October 11, 2011 in Air Conditioning & Heating


With cold temperatures quickly approaching, time’s running out to check on your home heating system. You don’t want to wait until your teeth are chattering in your own living room to consider what it takes to get your home heated efficiently.

Because furnaces are the most commonly used residential heating system in the country, you can bet that Energy Star is offering ways to save money as well as energy, while still keeping your home toasty. Here are our suggestions for your furnace installation, before those cold gusts come blowing through.

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First, what condition is your furnace in? And is it modern enough to get you the most efficient heating and lowest energy bills possible today? Whether you have a gas or even an oil furnace, it pays (literally) to consider your furnace’s efficiency.

Going with a more efficient heating system can actually save you money continually on lowered utility bills. Consider the quiet operation that a newer system can offer, not to mention the reliability throughout the long winter months.

Energy Star-qualified oil and gas furnaces have annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) ratings of 85% and 90% or greater, making them up to 15% more efficient than standard models. Not to mention higher-efficiency blower motors.

cozy-fireplace-roomHigh-efficiency furnaces can be significantly more expensive than other standard and therefore less efficient models. Like most modern and efficient appliances, the upfront cost majorly repays itself over and over again. The higher heating price can be offset by incentives and rebates.

Throughout the country, furnaces and other heating solutions, even geothermal and biomass stoves, can benefit from a federal tax credit of 30% of the initial cost—up to $1,500.

One such federal incentive includes purchases made specifically in 2011, and includes new equipment meeting the tax code requirement. The rebate offers hundreds of dollars back, and expires at the end of this year. Check it out and plan to save!

While it is technically possible to install a new furnace on your own, we recommend leaving such an important and technical task to a professional. The entire process might seem daunting, especially choosing the right appliances for a rebate and knowing what will be most efficient and money-saving in the long run.

Don’t go it alone. Hire a local contractor, who can make sure that you get your full rebate and tax credit. Many places like Arizona (Phoenix, Scottsdale, Gilbert, we’re looking at you!), where the thought of proper and efficient heating is eclipsed by air conditioning, offer outstanding contractor resources to help you on your way to a warmer, more efficient winter home.

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