Fireplace Ideas to Ignite a Cozy Vibe

From on December 03, 2010 in Air Conditioning & Heating

fireplace ideas

Man made fire in the dawn of the world, yes, but the search for the most inviting hearth persists even today. Originally a way to heat a room and cook food, a fireplace still provides a warming glow in a space (and let’s just admit to having roasted a marshmallow indoors at one point). Beyond that, a fireplace becomes an easy central focus of a room, especially during cold winter months.

Yet the fire is just the beginning. How to decorate the mantle? How to create a unique hearth, from simple décor to all-inclusive renovations and unusual materials? Here are some amazing fireplaces to kindle your own creative powers.

fireplace ideas cream

Rather than decorating the mantle, think oppositely: create visual interest around the hearth, and go minimalist in the space surrounding the fire. You’ll keep the area safe and simply—maddeningly—chic.

panoramic fireplace ideas

Consider installing a panoramic fireplace, which requires no extra décor and can be appreciated from all vantage points.

raised fireplace ideas

Raising the firebox can be a relatively simple renovation project, and can make the fire more visually accessible. Create a stylish mantle without much fuss by installing a thick border around the perimeters.

fireplace pit ideas

Think outside of the [fiery] box, and consider adding an interior fire pit to a space. This of course requires extra safety concerns, and isn’t a solution when small children are present, but can be an unusual objet d’art and centerpiece for gathering with friends and company.

Photo Credit: Chiswick Fireplace, Home Designing, George’s Plumbing & Heating, & Rocca