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If you’re anything like me, your heart swells with pride whenever you hear the line in the National Anthem, “The land of the free and the home of the Braves.” The song is obviously talking about Atlanta—the only city in the U.S.A. that can claim to be the home of the Braves baseball team. But we have more going for us than just a baseball team with at least three World Series wins. Our city is home to over five million metro Atlantans. And we take our homes seriously.

Since we’re one of the fastest-growing metro areas, there’s a constant stream of new construction and remodeling. Atlanta homes are known for craftsman bungalows, Victorian mansions, and the canopy of shade trees that spread over much of our neighborhoods. We’re a thriving city, with a passion for the good life to match. And we live really do live up to our name—the one and only home of the braves.

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Here is what people around Atlanta have said about CalFinder Contractors:

I believe that one way you can tell a good contractor is how well they listen to you along the way when you experience “issues.” AK always treated me with the mantra “the customer is right.” My project manager always listened to my concerns and ideas and outlined how we could make these a reality. I also enjoyed having an entire staff at my disposal during the project including my project manager, engineer, designer and project supervisor. AK is at the forefront of the remodel industry. AK guided me through each step of the process and even took me to the granite warehouse when looking for kitchen countertops. I was also pleased that in the final days, every last item on my checklist was completed, down to the last strip of shoe molding and trim work. Everything was completed to my satisfaction and I know that many of my neighbors cannot make the same statement. Thank you, AK, for running a company that is ethical, professional and produces superior products and workmanship. You truly rank at the very top of the kitchen remodeling industry of Atlanta.

Sheryl, Marietta, GA