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HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning. There are many different types of systems in your home, but those that require the most upkeep are heating and air conditioning. These hidden systems need forethought, because they aren’t easily changed and are expensive to replace.

Today, many homeowners find that the most cost-effective solution for a faulty heating or air conditioning system is simply upgrading to an energy-efficient model. Up to 30% more efficient, these systems help pay back your investment through lower electricity bills for the life of the system. You will see a difference right away in your utility costs and comfort level at home. And federal rebates for green HVAC systems may be available as well.

How to get started with the installation? Your best bet is to contact a heating contractor or air conditioning contractor in your area to assess the project. CalFinder's database of air conditioning-heating contractors provide free estimates for all kinds of air conditioning systems, big or small.

Best of all, our contractors are insured, licensed and certified to install HVAC systems.

Get a free estimate for installation of a heating or cooling unit today, and feel the difference in your home tomorrow.

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