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Calfinder was built to help homeowners remodel their homes. Ever since our first efforts knocking door-to-door, we have always sought our valued customers’ feedback. Without feedback CalFinder would not be as helpful of a service as it is today. Below are comments from people who have used our service.

Cerqueira Luis


Sharyn Katzman

Thank you for your help. We have a contractor and appreciate your timely aid.

Patricia Royall

Esperience was positive. Calfinder put me in touch with a vendor and am under contract with that vendor.

Frank Baltich

We were provided with a list of contractors that could have met our needs, and who had very positive references. We are very happy with the contractor that we selected to remodel our kitchen.

Erik Thomsen

We have found your website very helpful and we can inform you that we have selected Valley Comfort Heating and Air carry out the installation of our new heating system.

Clarence Remy

Verry Resonable. The work was completed in a timely matter and to my satisfaction

I would contact them again if needed or recommend them

Benjamin Foster

Each salesperson was curtious and provided good information regarding their products.

Roberta Kandell

service was great

Icie Farnsworth


Nellie Armstrong

I had several phone calls within minutes of my registering on-line for free estimates. Everyone was very professional and helpful.

Carol Bunch

everyone was really nice and helpful. showed up on time and did a good job telling me about their product. thank-you for your help. i am very pleased. good job.

Diane Fowler

The field reps explained each detail of how they would replace my windows. They were very knowledgible. They took the time to identify and explain the types of material they use and how it would benefit me with lowering the cost of my utilities. Some even offered me discounts that assisted me with the cost of installation. I got a great discount and a 12-month no interest free deal. Thank you for your assistance CalFinder.

Dorothey Batiste

Your service, on a whole is very helpful. I am also very glad to know your services are there for any other needs I may have as your really were helpful in my finally locating a company that could help me.

Ronald Raney

Excellent service

George Gruber

Had 4 calls in under 5 mins. Was very pleased with response.

Elizabeth Turner

Excellent service, thanks

Robert Flaker

Without your service we may have had to settle of one of the others and not get what we wanted. Thank you.

Debbie Jacobs

Both companies have been extremely responsive, helpful and professional. I do not yet know which of the two companies we will ultimately go with, but I feel certain that either company would do an excellent job.

Eleanor Crosby

going good I think I have found the best contractor for my project.. thanks for your help!

Jack Pi

I was contacted by quite some constructors after making a request through CalFinder. It helped a lot. The project, which was a kitchen restoration instead of full kitchen remodeling, was conducted by one of the companies contacted me (Universal Remodeling). It was completed last week. I really appreciate CalFinder’s help.

Melissa Hall

I used your service and have successfully found a company to install my windows. Thank you.

John Sova

It is going great… contact from select contractors in my area. Very professional contact personnel from each.

Patricia Patterson

Very helpful in finding comparison estimates.

Jackie Del Principe

Very polite, helpful.

Linda Jackson

I am deeply humbled by the prompt profession and effective service CalFinder provided. I was very impressed by their professionalism and knowledge of the job. Thank you CalFinder,I intend to contact you again in the near future.

Sue Koenig

All the contractors were polite and business like.. I loved the experience and it made a big difference to me.

Steve Gallagher

CalFinder was great. I was contacted by many vendors, got a few estimates and selected a contractor. My job is pending, but I am hopeful of a quality outcome!

Duane Harrison

All three have been very profesional and very helpful. This has been a great service. I have learned a lot about solar so far and they have all been hapy to answer questions.

Marcia Pratt


Jim Clement

You gave me the lead that got it done

Stephen Lombardo

Cal Finder did a wonderful job

Tom Dill

Overall, it was a good experience w/all of them, thank you.

Mark F.

The experience is great so far.

Gerardo Davila

Great service, i received calls from 4 different companies and one had the best price which was the deciding factor. Thank you!

Jess Bateman

2 solar companies contacted me very quickly. Thank you.

Michael Dayton

Calfinder did a great job getting me window contractors.

Dianne Berger

The window estimate phase was great. I couldn’t have asked for a more personable, knowledgeable and competent person.

Yoko Takenaka

Discovered that estimates were hard to compare since everyone quoted differently - some with no materials and others with some material and yet others with everything custom, etc.

Kevin Stilwell

They have been great, I am so happy with your service I have referred 4 neighbors who I am sure will be calling you in the next few days!



Carilyn Morse

It was great. We were able to pick and chose the companies who offered free estimates. Will definitely use it again when it’s time to do the siding, if we can.

Arturo Infante


David Bowen

Each contractor you sent was very helpful and professional.


I thought the service was very helpful and saved me time.

Crystal King

good customer service!

Nikhat Shaikh

all in all, its been very helpful and the contractors were very knowledgeable. thank you, calfinder.

Linda Taylor

I was very pleased with the professionalizm and promptness of keeping them in keeping their appointments.

Carol Howard

It went very smothly and quickly. Everyone was very professional.

Jayesh Siddhiwala

Good experience. All contractors gave detailed presentation and quotes.

Linda Seemiller

Nice service. Helpful to have info provided.

Nadine Gustafson

The salesman was very nice and so professional. He answered all my questions and offered great suggestions. I was very pleased with all of the sales people.

Pat Farkas

I have had two other window estimates besides yours, and they were not even close to your professionalism and information, and your price was also the best. I will without a doubt use your company for my windows.

Debbie Scott

Quick response from many window companies.

Ray Clouse

It was most helpful. I needed to get competitive bids and CalFinder got me in contact with several contractors. I was able to make my decision with confidence.

Mark Muchenberger

Hi, Actually the experience was positive. I had 5 contractors call and four come out. They were all informative and we chose a manufacturer and installer. Thanks for the help.

Dick Jacobs

Thanks for referring the contractors to me. Every one was well informed, very professional and easy to talk with. I sure leaned a lot and the payback period is faster then I was lead to be believe.

Tynnese Alloway

pleasant,knowledgable, efficient to work with

Laurie Plummer

very professional.

Brad Mast

The contractors were polite and knowledgeable.

Dan Purushe

It was helpful to have qualified contractors contact us.

John Nicols

Thanks for providing me with the most cost-effective solar installer.

Kathy smith

Thank you for all your help. All the contractors who called were professional, and gave information about their windows, without being pushy.

Paula London

CalFinder was quick to give reputable contractors to provide services needed.

Joe Culligan

Received calls from all vendors. All were professional and offered immediate visit to make estimate.

Brad Mast

The two representatives were professional and no doubt offer excellent windows.

Betsy Ceccanti

Thank you for you time, the referrals were on time and professional.

Dan Purushe

It was helpful to have qualified contractors contact us.

Charles Sorge

A very helpful first step in looking for pricing and home improvement contractors

Kathy Beretta

They have all been wonderful and very knowledgable. Answered all my questions and were very prompt with their estimates. I am still waiting on a few so I have not decided yet.

Norma Clark

The price was great, hope to have my windows in about 3 weeks. thanks a lot for your help. I had many estimates, but the ones you sent were by far the best. Thanks again



Gail Laberdie

They’ve all been on time, professional, and very helpful.


Everyone was on it and good!

William Christoffersen

Was pleased with your service.

howard wells

I ended up ranking your 2 window contractors #1 & #2 out of 5 I had researched.

Kate Micholas

Thanks they were all great.

Clear Moore

Your list of bathroom contractors was very helpful. Thanks!

Anna Kochkin

Overall very good experience.

David Mosey

Thanks for your help. We found a contractor and getting our windows installed now.

audrey middleton

I was very pleased with the response I received from the contractors. They were courteous and helpful with my needs!

Ronald Laks

Interesting to see the difference in estimates.

Fran Johnston

A very interesting and enlightening process.

Matt Kiessling

Service worked great I had phone calls from three contractors in less than 24 hours.

Victor Silverman

The contractors gave us a lot of information about the project and suggestions that are very helpful to us.

Daniel Hyland

A number of contractors called and set up appointments. We contracted for the replacement of our windows with the second contractor we met with.

Susan Furuya

We are very pleased with your service. Thank you.

Jaye Sperling

I was researching replacement windows and I entered my info and within a day I had follow up calls to my inquiry. It worked well for me and I found a company that I have contracted to do my project.

Joanne Brooks

I was very pleased with the response I received from two contractors. They called me and set up appointments for estimates Bother were in nearby locations and they were friendly efficient and professional.

Wendy Ruiz

Fast and easy.

Linda Berkman

I was very pleased with the professionalism of the contractors. Fair estimates. Very detailed descriptions of what was needed, the time it would take to install, and the quality of the product.

Frank Gonzalez

Very professional and the work completed on my bathroom was on time. I would use Calfinder for future projects.

Joanne White

Thank you for your referrals on my window project. I got estimates from 4 companies and ended up using Custom Exteriors. I am extremely fussy about any work done on my home and look carefully at the details of any work done due to an engineering background. A neighbor had used them and it was convenient to check out the work performed. They did a very professional installation and we are extremely satisfied with the work. I highly recommend them and will refer them to any of my friends. Thank you for your help - I will use you again when I start on a bathroom remodel.

Dan Walsh

The Calfinder service worked well and signed up with 1 of 3 window contractors.

Louis Kahanek

Wide range of prices.

Paul Theisler

Once I registered with CalFinder I had a call within an hour to setup an appointment to provide us with an estimate. Great site.

Cheryl Pivaral

All three installers were very good and through, gave me estimates and explained everything about the windows, etc. Included everything from beginning to end on the estimates also. All were polite and on time for our meetings.

Jim and Charlene Lockman

The whole estimate process was very easy to understand and we were happy to do business with him in particular!


Pleasant, detailed and informative.

Isaac Ball

I was satisfied with the estimate, am very satisfied with the contractor and his work.

Kraig Nicholas

I liked the presention , every question was answered- product was what im looking for.

khadija hamisi

All the contractors were respectful, friendly and very professional.

Rosa Torres

Very, interesting how they provided me with the information I need, very courteus and clean information. Very well presentation and very nice persons.

May Ruinones

I was very pleased. I got information and orientation of how to go about my project.

Debra Lancaster

It was great. Will most likely use again if needed.

Teri Smesrud

My experience was great. We did not get a contract on the house we were looking at so we do not need a contractor at this point but we will know where to look should the occasion arise again. We really appreciated the quick response from the contractors you referred.

Gabriel Sanabrais

Prompt replies, qualified knowledgeable people, good service.

Ben Ziemer

It was fine no high pressure. The agent work to get us a good deal.

Rick Mollenkopf

We talked to all 3 contractors, and we liked them all. We decided to go with the one who was going to concentrate the most on the painting, rather than repairs, and we took care of the reapirs seperately.

Roger Mahoney

One of the recommended contractors (Direct Exteriors) gave us a good quote, and we ended up hiring them.

Nate Nethisinghe

I had enough contacts for replacement window contractors to get a good range of quotes. Was able to find what I was looking for, thanks to CalFinder.

Lee Wasserwald

Professional and easy: an excellent reference guide.

Ted Holm

It work very well. The right amount of contractors came out to our home and talk to us about our project.

Paul Sudeikis

Quick Responses

Lenore Van Tosh-Farrance

I got 3 estimates & found 1 quickly that I am working with happily.

Sarah Blackley

Everyone that contacted me was friendly and very eager to help. I was glad I found CalFinder.

Adam Manansala

It was what I needed. I was able to get enough quotes to suite my needs.

LJ Newhall

It was easy and the contractor picked fit the need.

Morrison Clark

I received two responses quickly and followed up with both. Their proposals were similar which I expected and prices were in the same ballpark.

Steven King

My experience with CalFinder was very useful. I was able to find a contractor that met my expectations and was able to give me a very good price on both my replacement windows and patio door. They did a very good job and I am very happy how the installation went.

Carl Smith

It was quick. I got responses back the same day, and set up appointments. They came out when they said they would and we closed the deal. Windows have now been installed and everything went great.

Sue Lassetter

Very helpful. Put me in touch with a cross section of company’s. Giving me choice of product and quality for my window replacement choices.

Susan Harris

I found the service helpful and informative. Since I am in the information gathering stage, knowing what is available and the various options helps me.

Michael Gindraw

CalFinder provided enough contractors to make an informed choice.

Catherine Carroll

The contractors contacted me within several days and I was able to set up appointments with all of them. I chose my contractor from one of the three that were sent from CalFinder.

Gwen Rickards

So easy to use and very effective. I put in one request and received 3 very well-qualified contractors bidding for my business. It saved me time and, frankly, gave me peace of mind that someone else had done the initial screening process. A wonderful experience. Thank you.



Glenn Cummins

It was my first time using this service, and I found it easy enough to use. Eventually I was contacted by all three contractors listed. I contracted with one of the first three to give me an estimate within six days after my request.

Sig Csicsery

Four window contractors visited us. We liked all four of them, and therefore we had difficulty selecting one.

erich pabst

Everything went perfect, the windows are great! I highly recommend Dixie Homecrafters!

Wanda Murray

I’ve completed my home improvement at this time and appreciate the assistance by calfinder’s, a worth while site and service.

Patricia Olson

I got a call from a contractor the first day and an appointment for an estimate that same day.

Valerie Yancey

I recieved emails and phone calls from polite contractors.

Seth Marrott

Thank you for the wondeful referrals you sent my way. I ended up going with a company, provided by your website, that gave professional, exceptional quality windows at an affordable price for our home. Thanks again!

Michael Callo

Very efficient.

Ray Kasper

Great service. Contractors contacted me immediately.

jonathan hyman

The one contractor that contacted us was very good.

Robert Fertig

CalFinder supplied three out of the six estimates we obtained to replace our windows and doors. SD Home Improvement, one of the three CalFinders recommended won out and has a contract with us to replace said items. We were quite pleased with finding them through your services. Thank you.

Margot Diltz

I contacted 2 of them plus other contractors referred by my real estate broker. Both of the CalFinder firms were responsive and professional in their bidding for our business and we decided to contract with one of them.

Leola King

The contractor was very informative, helpful, courteous and professional. I am looking forward to my window installation.

Steve Sprague

Obtained the info I was looking for regarding residential solar.

Taylor narindra

It was an excellent response from your vendors. Within short time I found

my solution.

Vernon Jones

Excellent referral service.

Alex K

My experience was limited to estimates only. Two contractors came with about the same numbers.

Christina M

I was provided with 2 estimates.

Susan Nelson

The response was immediate. I liked the worksheet because it kept the conversations focused so you could more easily compare apples to apples.

Ben B

Using your site was very easy. Customer service follow up was excellent. The contractor you provided beat out a local competitor and provided additional services for no charge. Thank you so much for your help in finding a great contractor to do our work.

TR Ram

One of the best services i ever have used. Surprised to see a fully service oriented company without any cost is a great experience for me. Calfinder helped me with more companies and quotes which made me decide good contractor.

Thanks to cal finder.

Ralph Shiraishi

It was very easy and helpful infomation and I obtained estimates from 4 diffrent contractos.

Matt Greene

We got great estimates from contractors you referred!

German Rosado

Great! Very Professional

Tate Koonce

We found a contractor quickly (only one in our area). He was professional and responded to all of our questions.

Janet Davis

One bid from the one contractor you recommended.

Sandra Brown

I received prompt responses from several qualified reputable vendors.

Chuck Groves

I received an immediate response from several contractors. They were very helpful and gave me all of the knowledge necessary to make an educated decision, concerning the cost effectiveness of adding a solar system, in my home. I say, Thank you CalFinder, you saved me a lot of time, with a minimum amount of effort.

Cheryl Goodman

We interviewed 3 companies for windows and went with Rescom and they were the best! Not the cheapest but the service was excellent. The sales agent was great and the guys who did the work were excellent. Actually completed the work before the estimated time. Did an impeccable job. I highly recommend them!

Amer Barhoumi

Response was good!

Dan Bushey

Found the company I need.

Stephen Pereira

The initial contact was from Calfinder was courteous and very prompt. The contractor has been great!

Jamie Kalanta

Company responded quickly and was knowledgeable…

Jake Romanas

Got two referrals - one contacted me quickly, was very professional.

Kathleen Abbott

Everyone was so polite and helpful!

Mike Pirog

Renewal by Anderson was extremely professional and their top of the line 400 series windows with installation was priced lower than Home Depot and way below Lowes.

David Early

It was easy to use and get qoutes. I am very satisfied.

briggitte harper

Very fast response. Could not actually hired those that called or came to give estimate because it was to expensive for the project at hand. Had to review my window project. Would use service again.

Ruth Siatuu

If it wasn’t for your advertisement I would have never found these guys…New Pioneer Woodshop Inc. The quote they gave me was just right and they did an excellent job too, I even got a free dishwasher on top of all that.

William smith

Four window companies called - I met with three. I bought 11 windows from Pella at a very competive price. The deciding factor was the fact that they finished the inside according to specs. No mess no fuss. a clean deal.

Laura Niduvitch

The contractors I received estimates from were very polite and helpful.

Rebeccah Kocak

I am extremely impressed with the promptness of your service and the quick follow up from the contractors we heard from.

Ruth Siatuu

If it wasn’t for your advertisement I would have never found these guys. The quote they gave me was just right and they did an excellent job too, I even got a free dishwasher on top of all that.

Jerry Haley

The estimates were complete and were done in my time frame. Also had complete demo on how each made their windows which was very helpful in the selection process.

Randy Johnson

Window contractor called & arrived @ time agreed upon. Contractor was informative & offered a quality product. Price appears in line for windows being replaced.

Beth Kershaw

It was a good experience. I asked for referrals, got 3 and called 2.

Jane Kryvokon

The respond was almost immediate, i received many calls from the companies to work with. Thank you for your work!

Herbert Stachel

I thought the service was good, I received three estimates.

Judy Boyer

Each of the 3 contractors contacted me promptly and made arrangements to visit my home and give me estimates on the project the day they came. The 3 estimates were not real close in $$ so I chose the middle estimate…. I was also most pleased with their windows.

Ann Severance

Tell us about your experiences with the estimate phase of your remodel:

All were knowledgeable and courteous. We have decided though we are leaning toward more of a glass door enclosure wall, rather than a series of Windows. Talking with these contractor services has been helpful in allowing us to define our project. Also it has been educational, in learning the pro & con features of various types of window/door glass.

Hyrum Mackay

It was great! I had more calls than expected & the estimators were all timely, very professional and helpful with many hints and helps for me.

Wayne Robinson

The estimate process went very well and gave us the info needed to make a determination as to whether it was affordable for us at this time.

Debbie WEBER

Each contractor arrived as scheduled and showed products, measured windows and gave estimates.

david early

Very informative. Helpful.

Regina Sampson

Each was very professional and thorough in showing the products offered. I now have enough information to proceed with the remodel.

Ken Arensmeyer

I am very satisfied with the contractors you have sent me I am going to use one to install my windows.

Fred Dunn

We recieved a wide range of window replacment quotes. We did not choose the cheapest offer, in fact it was the highest price. But we were impressed with the quality.

Brian Sugano

The estimate process was good. The contractors understood what I wanted, and provided a detailed estimate for me to make an informed decision.

keith terschluse



Francis Boatman

I found the estimates to be reasonable compared to other estimates I had been given.

Hope Ford

CalFinder was very helpful, I had contractors call me in the first two days and it took only a few days to sign a contract. The installation isn’t complete yet, but I did appreciate how easy calfinder made it to get free estimates.

Valerie Odell

Our siding job was just completed today by the contractors you referred to us. They were great, professional and polite. Thank you so much for providing excellent service with a great contractor.

Pat Trempe

The contractors were very professional and accomodating. I have selected one to do my windiw replacement job.

Ben B

I just wanted to say thank you so much for providing and excellent contractor. I just thought you like to know that we chose your contractor to do our siding instead of home depot. They gave us a better price with more options and additional features to beat the competition.

Lyn Johnson

I appreciate the immediate and helpful responses that I received, you provided great people!

Clayton Ricker

Two of the contractors had good written proposals when they made on site visit complete with equipment descriptions.

Britney Kyler

Your service made my investigative process painless, educational, and most likely will generate the best and most cost effective system. Thank you again. Great service!

Dennis K

I have had 3 solar companies come out and educate me as to systems and their components. I was reasonably informed before their contacts but now feel quite prepared to make a very informed choice as to which company and equipment to use. I will be making that choice soon which will begin our solar ownership.

Donald MacPherson

Hi Calfinder people. The window situation was swift and clear, you guys are on the ball.

Cathy Chen

The contractor you referred was very courteous and explained everything in detail.

Brian Grant

The contractors arrived on time and were very professional.

Clifton Hansen

All the contractors were right up front with the estimates. One contractor took a little longer to get back with me, but that was ok.

Julie B

Service was fast and great! Thank you!

Lisa C

All were professional, explained their product and gave me a written quote.

Linda Albro

We had been thinking of doing the work ourselves but the estimate phase showed us the high and low and the benefits of having the work done for us. The contractor that met with us was very personable and professional.

G. Velez

All estimate processes were about the same. but one came in a lot lower than the rest and I signed. I saved a lot money by shopping through Calfinder.


We are buying the ideal window for our particular need and are very pleased with all aspects of our experiece with CalFinder.

Linda Sula

I was extremely impressed with the quick response and professionalism of your contractors.

Rae Salisbury

The contractors were very professional and polite. No pressure which I appreciate.


The contractors contacted me right away - they each followed up with me as well. I have narrowed my choice down to two. I have not yet selected the contractor as of yet. The experience with this phase of my project has been very good.

Sabine Nelson

Your service definitely made it easy to get in touch with the contractors.

Devin Jones

We’re impressed w/how fast we were contacted, by Calfinder & the contractors.

Christina Page

All of your contractors were wonderful and ready to work with me. The esitmates were higher than I anticipated, but right in line with each other plus other estimates received out of your network.

Cheryl Walton

All the people who came out for estimates couldn’t have been nicer or more courteous to me !!!

dorothy palmer

Both contractors were very professional and knowledgeable about their product. We were very pleased and used one of them.

Sam Zorichak

The Calfinder contractor was both knowledgeable and friendly. His estimate was significantly lower than the only other estimate that I received. The other contractor was not a Calfinder contractor.

Quincy Brown

The contractors made it seamless and were very professional! They each had their own unique style and each presented photos of their work that were awesome. Thank you VERY much for recommending the contractors you did because it was truly a pleasure knowing I am in good hands.

Mildred Bautista

The initial estimates were way too high for my budget and then they both worked it out to the price limit that i can afford or suit my budget.

Zella Bollinger

I am pleased with the contractors you recomended. They were both very proffesional.

William Christoffersen

It was very conveinient to have the vendors contact me to set up free estimates for my window replacement job.

Thank you.

Melinda Oliver

Thank you for your help and sending contractors our way. We met with 5 different men and decided on using one for not just the one bathroom we are doing but another bathroom too! Thank you for your help!

Mark Bentley

Very easy, fast response from contractors.

D Sharpe

Thank you for sending info with contractors. It was a great starting place. All 3 contacted me promptly.

Mike and Jeannine Costa-Thomas

We were amazed at how quickly we were contacted by the contractors. Very professional and we knew immediately what the cost would be based on what we wanted done. We would recommend CalFinder to anyone considering having work done to their home.

Mike McHone

I have had contact from three installers and 2 have submitted bids and the third is working on a bid. Your service has been a big help. Thanks.

Jill Jasper

Your service was amazing. Got several wonderful calls from people right away!

Wayne Seto

I had a very good experience with the estimates provided by the contractors. They were all very professional and provided timely responses.

Lattice A

All were professional, timely, knowledgeable, and pleasant. I look forward to completing the bid process so that I can select a vendor to get started.

Your service is extremely responsive. I heard from all vendors the same evening I placed an inquiry on your site.

Judy Callahan

Your company blows away the competition (if you call Service Magic competition!)

James Cook

Great experience - referred to several contractors and chose one quickly. Contractors recommended were courteous, fair, and a pleasure to work with.

Icie F.


Nellie A.

I had several phone calls within minutes of my registering on-line for free estimates. Everyone was very professional and helpful.

Marni and Bob

Very knowledgeable and reliable.

Gerald & Barbara

Does wonderful work, still using him.

Glenn K.

Josh, thank you again for the drainage work you provided. I’m sure I will be calling again for much needed work. You and your crew did a great job and the place is spotless (considering the weather). A very satisfied customer.

Naida V.

This is just a quick note to thank you for your excellent work on my new bathroom. The custom shower is exactly what I wanted, and the remodeling utilizes the limited space perfectly. Again, thanks.

Iris G.

I would like to say a few words of praise concerning Mark with Pyne Construction. Mark Pyne came through for us when no one else would. We were in a situation where we needed to sell my mothers home and had a bundle of construction issues that most contractors couldn’t bother with. He not only took the work on but gave us Top Notch quality to boot. I would not hesitate to work with him again and I recommend him to anyone who has a project that requires quality and prompt attention.

Bob T.

Our installation was very difficult and Michael was meticulous about making sure everything was done correctly.

Barbara J.

Michael and the people who work with him were the kind of people you wouldn’t mind having in your house. I was very comfortable with them.

Nancy M.

Project: Design a Kitchen

Comments: Design, Design, Design!!! Cannot say enough about GH. Their design, ideas and work were superb. They were a little over our budget but worth every penny. It’s hard to find a contractor that is honest and delivers. The team at GH were clean and always on time. Great daily communication through out the project. I would hire them again!!! Thank you GH!!!

Terrence S.

Project: Remodel a Bathroom

Comments: The finished product was just as described. Bathroom turned out great. Inspections were passed on the first go round. The workers were incredibly clean and professional.

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